Fintech, an opportunity for the financial sector

Tuesday 20 March 2018, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano, Switzerland

Fintech is a comprehensive innovation making it possible to implement financial technology in new ways (such as the supply of services and products through the most advanced information technologies). Furthermore, it offers a wide support aimed at stimulating innovation and digitalization processes in the finance sector. A huge opportunity for entrepreneurial development.

The ultimate goal of the event is to highlight the Swiss financial marketplace, tackling all the strategic issues with a wide audience of domestic and international players, and involving both the private and the academic world.


(pdf versione ITA / ENG version)


(pdf versione ITA / ENG version)

  • 08.30: Welcome Coffee/Registration

  • 09.00: Opening Remarks/Considerazioni introduttive (Language ITA)
    Marco Borradori (Sindaco Città di Lugano)
    Boas Erez (Rettore USI Università della Svizzera Italiana)
    Alberto Petruzzella (Presidente ABT Associazione Bancaria Ticinese)
    Christian Vitta (Consigliere di Stato, Direttore DFE)

  • 10.00: CSB Survey/Presentazione della ricerca del Centro di Studi Bancari (Language ITA)
    "Fintech: evoluzione e opportunità per il Canton Ticino"
    Fintech: evoluzione e opportunità per il Canton Ticino / Studio a cura del Centro di Studi Bancari
    Presentazione dello Studio "Fintech: evoluzione e opportunità per il Canton Ticino" / a cura di Giuseppe Pagani, Project Manager, Centro di Studi Bancari

  • 10.30: Break

  • 11.00: Workshops (Language ENG)

    W1: Payments of the Future, the Future of Payments
    How your life and how you pay will change in a very near future. Are you ready?

    Speakers: Mark Antipof (Chief Officer, Client Relationship Management, VISA Europe), Alessandro Seralvo (Vicedirettore generale, Cornèr Banca SA).

    W2: Collaboration Opportunities in the Financial Industry
    The workshop will focus on key technology trends and how they impact the financial industry. But how do you stay abreast and develop answers on the disruption in banking and investment management? UBS will deep dive how collaboration can enhance your capabilities: how to leverage the creativity and speed of start-ups, how to search and generate innovation ideas, and how collaborative working can accelerate innovation outcomes. We will look into three tangible examples of Wealth Management, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Payments.

    Speaker: Veronica Lange de Conceiçao (Head of Innovation, UBS SA).

  • 12.00: Lunch Buffet & Networking

  • 13.30: Workshops (Language ENG)

    W3: Compliance: how Financial Services providers can benefit from RegTech
    Survey: Compliance 2025: DNA evolution in the Financial Services Industry / Deloitte, August 2017
    • Challenges for Compliance in the current environment
    • What RegTech can already do today and what it will be able to do by 2025
    • How Financial Services providers can benefit from RegTech if they embrace the evolution of Compliance
    • Speaker: Andreas Timpert (Partner Financial Services, Deloitte)
    W4: How blockchain will change the financial services business
    • Pro and Cons of blockchain for the transfer of value
    • Will blokchain based exchange be the market place of the future?
    • Custody of blockchain based assets through the banks
    • Are cryptocurrencies a new asset class?
    • Speaker: Lars Schlichting (Partner KPMG), Giacomo Zucco (BHB Network)
  • 14.30: Break

  • 15.00: Workshops (Language ENG)

    W5: Outsourcing and banking activities
    • Client experience comes first: Fintech are obsessed by client experience, they pick a client pain when dealing with financial services and they find the best solution to overcome it. Financial institutions should embrace this attitude, identifying client pains and restructuring their offering to overcome them.
    • Open architecture and ecosystems come second: In order to better serve their clients, financial institutions should continuously combine the best available technologies and services to positively improve the client experience. The efficiency and the flexibility in building this technology-serviice mix is maximized by relying on an open technology architecture and ecosystems of fintech and service providers
    • Speaker: Alessandro Castagnola (Product Manager, Avaloq Group), Javier Rubio (Head of Business Development, BBVA Svizzera)
    W6: Perspective of a technology player on the future of banking
    • Swisscom as a player in Banking
    • The future of banking – open and digital? (Open Banking, Marketplace Bank, APIs, etc)
    • Trends & developments of the swiss ecosystem
    • How can banks compete in the future?
    • Speaker: Balz Gut (Head of Bankin Transformation and Management Consulting, Swisscom), Sascha Gysel (Head e-foresight, digital banking think tank, Swisscom)
  • 16.00: Coffee Break

    • 16.30: Key Notes and Panel (Language ENG with simultaneous translation in ITA)
      Robert Contri (Global Financial Services Leader, Deloitte)
      Sergio Ermotti (CEO UBS)
      Philipp Hildebrand (Vice Chairman BlackRock)
      Alexander Lipton (MIT Connection Science, CEO at StrongHold Labs; Visiting Professor of Financial Engineering at SFI@EPFL)
      Adrien Treccani (CEO Metaco SA, SFI Swiss Finance Institute)

    • 18.00: Closing Remarks / Considerazioni finali (Language ITA)
      Franco Citterio (Direttore ABT).